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~You Can LOVE Walking & Feel Good Doing It~


ChiWalking is a specific form technique designed to transfer the workload out of your legs and into your core. It promotes energy efficiency & injury prevention.


Training plans are easy to come but have you ever really learned how to walk properly? Have you seen your body in action and thought about what would make you more efficient? Uncover the brilliant benefits of proper walking form: 

  • You get to stay sound and injury free, leading you a lifelong relationship with walking
  • You'll get to reap the therapeutic qualities of walking (clear your head, solve the world's problems, get some "me time")
  • You'll be able to body sense like a pro and develop a healthy mind/body relationship
  • You get to feel proud of your commitment and energized from taking action in a way that feels good
  • This positivity and insight will ooze over into other areas of your life 

What To Expect

from a ChiWalking Clinic: 

It will be a few hours of learning, but you will not be walking the whole time! We  will be doing lots of body sensing exercises and drills (modified if necessary) and discussing walking technique, tools, training strategy, & motivation. This clinic is designed for walkers of every ability, so even if you think you're not in the "best" shape... it's totally OK!

These are some of the highlights of the day... By the end of our time together you will be able to fully feel the difference between proper and harmful walking and be itching to get started!

  • Video Analysis of Your Current Walking Form: 

    See yourself in action, and in slow motion and learn what you are doing that supports and hinders your walking success.

  • Develop a Strong Mind-Body Connection:

    Learn to interpret messages and signals your body sends and create the conditions to heal.

  • Proper Posture, ChiWalking:


    Move your body efficiently and intentionally throughout the day so that when you're walking, you're ready to go!

  • Walk Injury Free & Problem Solve on the Fly:

    Keep your body safe and sound by making micro-adjustments along the way and be a consistent walker for years to come. 

Register for Your Clinic:

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  • Upon Arrival:

    • Upon arrival we will gather together and take care of the "housekeeping" logistical tasks. Then we will do brief introductions and go over the agenda for the day.
    • Introduction to ChiWalking/ChiRunning
    • Posture & Body Mechanics
    • Moving from your Core & ChiWalking
    • Arm Swing & Upper Body
    • Walking at Different Speeds
    • Personal Check-in Tricks and Tools
  • Post Clinic:

    • You will receive follow up information including quick reference guides to remind you of what was covered at the clinic and a personalized video analysis of your walking form for you to keep on file for your reference. 

Create a Fresh Start

Take Care of Your Body

Love to Walk