Are you ready to LOVE moving your body again? 

Are you looking to connect with like-minded walkers or runners?

Ready to improve your practice & relationship with your body while on a retreat?

If so, the Island Escape ChiRunning/ChiWalking Camp is for you!!

Due to the limited slots available, get on the waitlist for updated information,  applications and enrollment.


Run Your Life

You’ll transform your relationship with your practice and:

  • Ditch excuses
  • Nail your form
  • Eliminate worries about getting hurt
  • Feel good about your practice
  • Enjoy the strength of your body
  • Relax in a beautiful setting
  • Share time with a small group of like-minded people (aka. Make new friends!)
  • Feel confident at during each of your walks or runs
  • Demystify training for an event
  • Bring consistency and routine into your life as a recreational athlete
  • Master motivational techniques

Spend 3 days nailing your form and opening your mind to the joy of walking/running.

How is this Possible?

We've put together a stellar program that mixes Fitness & Fun in a way that you'll love!


You’ll get a mix of practical ChiWalking/ChiRunning instruction, an ample dose of free time for exploration & leisure activities, nutritious meals served at the timeless & classy beachside camp, rounded out by robust, candid chats focused on walking/running & staying healthy. 

Think Kripalu meets Girlfriend Sleep Over

Retreat Highlights

  • Daily ChiWalking/ChiRunning Lessons and personalized feedback on your form by certified Master Instructor Sarah Richardson, aka Camp Counselor!
  • Connect and recharge indoors or outdoors
  • Morning meditation/yoga/journaling time
  • Access to Kayaking, swimming, relaxing on the beach...
  • Enjoy the vistas, especially at sunset!
  • Beachside accommodations for 3 nights
  • Meals included (meat options or vegetarian, other dietary restrictions available upon request)
  • Comfortable beachside accommodations 

Setting up the conditions for fun = Transformation!

Who is this for?

  • Walkers looking for relaxation & adventure
  • New runners who want to set themselves up for success
  • Frustrated walkers/runners who want to experience satisfaction & pleasure
  • Intermediate walkers/runners looking to deepen your practice 
  • Injured walkers/runners looking for solutions
  • Inconsistent walkers/runner’s looking to ditch your yo-yo training cycle
  • Active individuals looking for a fun & exciting getaway
  • A group of friends looking for that special activity based vacation

If you fall into any of these groups, this is the Island Escape Summer Camp is for you! Come join in the fun and love your walk/run! Chill on the beach and watch breath-taking sunsets….

Invest in you to transform your relationship with yourself & your walking/running

ChiRunning/ChiWalking Instruction

ChiWalking & ChiRunning are all about energy efficiency and injury prevention. It will teach you how to use your body in a way that actually feels good! You’ll also learn how to problem solve injuries and become more in tune with your body so you can avoid injuries for good. 


It is a holistic running practice that invites joy to your practice. It makes your time exercising so much more that an item to cross off of your to-do list. 


You’ll transfer the workload off of your legs and into your core so you experience strength and stay sound. 

By using this technique, you’ll allow your body to actually relax while you move, creating a far more comfortable experience.


Your mind will be filled with helpful form focuses, decreasing your negative mind chatter that interferes with your ability to stick to your routine. 


Because the group size is limited to 4 people, you will get specialized instruction to meet your specific needs based on your current walking/running form. You will leave knowing the top three things for you to focus on to improve your practice. 

Experience ease for your body

Embrace a Healthstyle

Walking & Running are so much more than just exercise. They give us the time and space to work on our body and mind from the inside out. When you're moving in a way that feels good it leaks into other areas of your life. You can't help but to show up to work, social engagements and your relationships with a zest for life, self confidence, and the ability to care for others because you've taken care of you


Rather than focusing on your health for the 30-90 minutes you’re walking/running, you’ll practice how to live like a recreational athlete 24 hours of the day and make choices that keep setting you up to improve your overall health. 


When you are able to stick to your Healthstyle, you show up differently in other areas of your life, thus you truly Run Your Life. Your relationships across the board improve because you are present and mindful from sun up to sun down. 

Let the joy of movement light up your life

Your Instructor & Host

Sarah Richardson, M.S., M.Ed., is a certified educator, distance running coach through RRCA, and Master ChiWalking/ChiRunning® Instructor certified through Chi Living. She is also the best selling author of From Sidelines to Start Lines: The Frustrated Runner's Guide to Lacing Up for a Lifetime and has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Running for Good. In addition, she is an outdoor enthusiast, world traveler, and Racecation facilitator.


Her business, Rise And Shine Running, designs customized training programs that provide both the external components vital to running efficiently and safely and the internal components that address the emotional and internal roadblocks that have trapped frustrated runners in yo-yo training cycles. In short, she helps you design your plan so that you get the success you crave. Whether it's a 5k, Half, Full Marathon, or just a consistent practice without racing, Sarah will help you reach your goal. 


Sarah knows that running brings joy to life, and knows the hard work it takes to get back into the sport. After a four-year hiatus from running due to an injury, she found herself frustrated and fed up at her inconsistency and lack of commitment to the sport. Using her techniques, Sarah is now back in her groove and running multiple distance races per year in different places around the world.


Sarah has made it her life’s work to help struggling and burnt out runners find the daily discipline to take back their power and honor their runner within. She does this in person at ChiRunning Clinics, Summer Camps on the shores of Lake Champlain & Retreats around the world, and virtually through customized Private & Group Coaching programs.

Supported action creates massive results~ I'm here for you

What Can You Expect? 

  • Start to put yourself first + commit to your running routine.
  • Grow + celebrate your pace in a supportive community of runners.
  • Learn to run in a way that minimizes injury.
  • Stop the "all or nothing" attitude if you skip a day.
  • Treat yourself to travel to a lake side paradise. 
  • Walk/Run, Relax & Play.
  • Feel proud of your body!
  • Fuel your body with home made, healthy cuisine.

Expect nothing and everything simultaneously


This retreat will be held at Field Stone Farm, a unique beachside paradise in the Islands of Lake Champlain. Twenty-two acres of sprawling fields awaits you on Isle La Motte, the northern most Island in Vermont. A beach front “camp” will be home for the duration of the retreat. 600 feet of sand and stone beach is perfect for soaking in the sun, searching for beach glass, or skipping stones during your down time. Birdwatching is bountiful and the call of loons become your lullaby.


This home, built in 1935 by a successful inventor, was later owned by renowned entrepreneur Aldo, of Aldo Shoes. It has appeared in two magazines, the Old House Journal & Vermont Magazine.


Accommodations include:

  • Private bedrooms with ceiling fans
  • Twin bed or larger
  • Linens for your stay, including a bath towel & beach towel
  • Shared bathroom
  • Comfortable shared gathering areas
  • Complimentary wireless internet 
  • No TV (intentional quiet time)
  • Large screened in porch
  • Access to outdoor recreational activities 

***Please note that Field Stone Farm is a Smoke, Pet, and Drug Free property for the health and safety of visitors.

Rustic luxury awaits… Simplicity at it’s best

Due to the limited slots available, get on the waitlist for updated information, applications and enrollment.


Location of Retreat

Isle La Motte is the northern most island in Vermont. Although it's an island, it is easily accessible by car over the causeway from Alburgh Peninsula. Little has changed, you can step back in time and truly slow down and take in the natural beauty. 


Getting there:

Island Exploration: The island is rich in history.

  • Teddy Roosevelt was a visitor to the Fisk Farm to speak to the Fish & Game League at the time President McKinley was shot. Roosevelt had to leave to go to Albany, NY to be sworn in as the 26th President of the United States.
  • The Chazy Fossil Reef is a 460 million year old, world renowned geological treasure, which underlies much of the bedrock of southern Isle La Motte. It is considered the oldest coral reef in the world with fossils to prove it and now a National Natural Landmark, protected by the Federal Government.
  • St. Anne's Shrine is a Roman Catholic Shrine located on the island. Its sprawling grounds, outdoor chapel and lakeside location make it a very unique place of worship. Its quiet beauty and welcoming atmosphere add to its charm.  

Exploration awaits...

Due to the limited slots available, get on the waitlist for updated information, applications and enrollment.


Sample Menu


  • Steel Cut Oats
  • Eggs
  • Avocado Toast
  • Combination of all three


  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Vegan Caesar Salad
  • PB & J or Grilled Cheese


  • Baked Maple Salmon over Wild Rice & side of Vegetable
  • Shrimp & Broccoli in Pesto over Penne Pasta
  • Locally made VT Pizza

Fuel for your body, mind & soul

Typical Daily Schedule

7:00 am: Morning Meditation/Yoga/Jog or Journaling (on your own)

8:00 am: Breakfast served

9:00 am: Chi Running Instruction

12:00 pm: Lunch served

1:00 pm: Free time/Exploration

4:00 pm: Walking/Running Instruction

5:00 pm: Relax

6:00 pm: Dinner is served

Post Dinner: Enjoy the sunset & unwind 

Where learning & living, running & relaxation collide​

Transform Your Practice

  • Take action and stop making excuses 
  • Let go of fears or worries 
  • Be confident in your daily choices 
  • Know that your body is strong and capable
  • Stop being focused only on the mileage, your training days, or how fast you are
  • Begin to look at walking/running as something you do for yourself and just one way you stay healthy
  • Be consistent in your practice

In a judgment-free community of like-minded walkers/runners, you will:

  • Talk about fears and celebrate your accomplishments 
  • Use less energy when you run so it feels better and you prevent injuries
  • Listen to your body and give it what it wants or needs
  • Be consistent, because you know where to put your time, energy and focus
  • Learn to relax on rest days rather than always feeling the need to push yourself
  • Exchange any frustration for satisfaction & pleasure

~Say Yes to you ~

Step Away From Your Busy Life


Run, Have Fun & Relax.

Investment In You... $1799.00

Due to the limited slots available, get on the waitlist for updated information, applications and enrollment.


Discover new horizons & become fearless

I took my daughter to an Island Escape Summer Camp with Sarah as our Coach & Guide and it was an incredible experience. We thought it was going to be just about healthy living, walking and running but it turned out to be so much more! The location is spectacular, and each detail was thoughtfully planned out. It was nice to be out in the country, on the water, immersed in healthy activities and also have enough down time to really relax and unplug. It was a bonding experience for us that we will never forget!  



Mary & Caroline

Mom & Daughter

A group of us decided that we needed to get away. We love running and thought this would be perfect! What we got was an experience of a lifetime. Sarah put together an itinerary just for us that focused on improving our running but also let us have a ton of fun. We wore tutus just to be silly! The best thing about the retreat was that we were able to learn how to improve our running, and we also learned about ourselves and each other. 



The Diva Gang

This was the best thing I've ever done for my running! We focused so much on running form and I had the time to try it and test it out. Sarah answered each and every question I had which was so helpful. This retreat helped me prepare for my first marathon, which I've since completed! I couldn't have done it, and felt so good while doing it, without attending this retreat. I highly recommend attending a Summer Running Camp with Sarah if you're looking to bring your running to the next level without feeling any pressure or stress. 


Mom & Teacher

& Marathoner