The Consistency Club

for recreational walkers & runners of all abilities

  • In fact, imagine getting out of bed eager to get out there and get in your miles. Imagine feeling great and finishing up with a smile on your face. Imagine going about the rest of your day feeling proud, accomplished, and strong in your body.  

  • Your future self will be energized by your movement, feel strong and confident in your body and sleep soundly at night knowing you've  shown up for yourself each and every day.



Create a Fresh


Take Care of Your Body

Love Your Walks

& Runs

From my heart to yours, The Consistency Club is now Open!

The Consistency Club is an ongoing coaching program and community for walkers and runners of all abilities. It's a place to learn and put into practice the elements required for a sustainable and joyful walking and/or running practice. With ongoing support you will be able to train in a way that is safe for your body, empowering for your mind, and lasts for a lifetime. 

  • Feel good while walking and running through proper form

  • Build your self-confidence by learning how to show up consistently

  • Optimize your mindset to create and maximize your motivation

  • Feel well supported as you grow your practice and improve your relationship with your sport

  • Access personalized continuous coaching on your running form, mindset and lifestyle

Your Instructor & Host

What is Included in Your Membership:

  • Monthly Video Analysis of Your Walking or Running Form

    (value: $99 per month)

    Nothing is more enlightening than getting to see yourself walk or run! Most of us don't know what we are doing as we cover the miles, we just know how it feels. If you're looking to make it feel better, having a regular video analysis will make all of the difference. You'll see where you are making progress and where you need to focus next. Continually up-level and transform your technique.

  • ChiWalking Basics (value: $199)

    This course teaches you how to move your body properly while walking. Using the ChiWalking technique will set you up with proper alignment and help you experience less impact on your joints. Cover the distance while feeling good!

  • ChiRunning Basics (value: $249)

    This course helps to eliminate one of the biggest road blocks to consistency: Injury. Let's solve that! Learn how to move your body properly while running by using the ChiRunning technique. You will improve your efficiency and help eliminate injuries through proper alignment and relaxation. It can feel good to run!

  • Weekly Coaching Calls (value: $700 per month)

    Each week a 90 Minute Zoom Call is scheduled to answer any and all questions relating to ChiWalking and ChiRunning as you implement the technique. We will also cover Mindset Management Q & A as well. Replays of the calls will be distributed in the Community for easy access.

  • A Community of Like-Minded Walkers & Runners (value: priceless)

    This is where the magic happens! As we lean on each other for support and shout out to each other in celebration, the Community is the icing on the cake. We are rebranding ourselves as athletes. We are growing into our truest potential. We are doing hard things and feeling good. Let's celebrate with one another as we love our walking and running practice. 

  • Super Special Discounts on ALL Events & Products

    Seriously, this is just an added bonus to show my gratitude and appreciation as we develop our relationships together as Walkers and Runners. When I'm hosting a Summer Running or Walking Camp, a Racecation, a new training plan, course or book, you'll not only be the first to know, but you'll also get a discount of 20% for being a Community Member!

What Makes The Consistency Club Unique:


    This is not just a training plan for you to follow. This is not just a place to get cheerleading from other people. It's not a quick fix gimmick or promise for instant results. And it's not just a facebook group where you come for help and get spammed on the side with ads and distractions.


    This is a place for you to reconnect with your body. This is a place for you to focus, learn, reflect and do the work. It's a well developed solution to a multifaceted set of challenges. It's a place where your goal of consistency becomes a reality through consistent, ongoing feedback on your walking/running form which is transformational. 

    ❤︎ Real Coaching. In Real Time. Step by Step.❤︎

  • FORM:

    The number one reason people stop running is because of an injury. Whether it's an acute injury or an overuse injury, it puts you on the sidelines.  By learning proper form, it increases your chance for consistency because you will not have to spend time resting, healing and rehabbing an injury. By providing direct instruction for both ChiWalking and ChiRunning, ongoing Q & A on technique, and a personalized monthly Video Analysis of your form, my goal is to keep you safe and sound, free from injury! 

  • FOCUS:

    The number one reason people avoid running is because they come up with excuses. The weather, not enough time, clothing is not comfortable, dislike running in front of others, etc... The list is long and until it's addressed, will continue. By learning how to manage your thoughts around walking and running, it becomes possible for you to feel good about showing up, no matter how it goes. By providing ongoing support, my goal is to simmer down that inner critic, open the doors to possibility, and teach you to become your own best cheerleader! 


    The number one reason people forget about running is because their lives change and their daily behaviors no longer support their fitness goals. New marriage, relationship, career, kids, illness or disease all present different schedules and exercise may have taken a back seat. My goal is to reset your fitness meter, meet you where you are and help you rebuild your daily habits so that walking and running fit in no matter what and your lifestyle supports it. Your life and fitness should function together flawlessly! 


The online platform allows you to learn and engage at your pace, access support 

❤︎ when you need it most, and meet a diverse group of people ❤︎

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions:







I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about The Consistency Club. Schedule an appointment: Sarah's Scheduler and we'll determine if this is the right program for you. 

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Being a busy working mom, I wanted an activity I could do on the fly and I chose running. But I hadn't ever been a runner before and found it hard to stay committed. Sarah helped me stick with it while teaching me how to stay safe and sound while I trained for my first race ever. I'm so glad that I took the time to learn how to ChiWalk and ChiRun properly, and how to stop making excuses. It made all the the difference in the world. 



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